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Chiropractor in Kamloops: Adjustments for Chronic or Acute Pain

Chiropractic treatment is an effective procedure that is non-invasive and offers long term relief. This is particularly true for getting your spine realigned or to get better joint mobility. Doctors of Chiropractic may assess patients through clinical examination, including: biomechanical, orthopedic and neurological assessment as well as diagnostic imaging to determine how and when Chiropractic treatment is appropriate. Health Quest Wellness & Vitality Centre in Kamloops offers Chiropractic assessments and care, which may include:

adjustments, stretches and exercises and education for acute injuries, chronic pain and general health maintenance


Biomechanical, orthopedic and neurological assessments are available to develop individual treatment plans and rehabilitation programs. Safe and specific Chiropractic adjustments are delivered to provide biomechanical improvement and reduce neurological dysfunction for a variety of conditions which may include the typical neck or back pain, headaches that people consider Chiropractic conditions. But we also provide relief from various conditions most people would not consider Chiropractic care for, such as: ribs, shoulders, foot pain, ankle sprains, Plantar Fasciitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, etc. Our chiropractor in Kamloops will provide you with personalized treatment to improve your health.


Chiropractic Adjustments Are Essential

Spinal joints that are not in proper alignment may cause nerve impingement or muscle dysfunction, imbalance. Chiropractic adjustments improve joint alignment, which reduces nervous system disruption, improves range of motion and muscle strength. Thus reducing pain, improving function to expedite recovery and preventing further injury.


Various Techniques by our Kamloops Chiropractor

Many people have misconceptions about Chiropractic care and the adjustments used to adjust the spine. There are many techniques available to implement Chiropractic care so it’s likely that your Kamloops Chiropractor can find a technique within your comfort to give you the results you want. Some techniques may use small instruments (activator) to make small, specific adjustments in sensitive areas such as the neck or ribs. Other techniques may include modified manipulative therapy, stretching and breathing to reduce the amount of force required to complete the adjustment.

Feels Great

Adjustments are done to establish proper function and relieve pain. This allows the body to heal quickly and properly. Depending on the type of injury; relief may be immediate, but recovery to re-establish stability may take longer and require specific stretches or exercises.


Most patients report a sense of relief, wellbeing and ease after their treatment. After all, if adjustments weren’t effective, our patients wouldn’t return for the multiple visits needed to regain their vitality!


Everyone Benefits

Everyone, including newborns, infants, children, seniors and even back surgery patients can get adjusted. Naturally, adjustments are tailored to your body size, age or particular complaint; taking any physical issues into account for your safety. 


Book a Consultation

Find out for yourself by scheduling a no-obligation consultation to discuss your health concerns with our Kamloops Chiropractor. We also offer massage therapy in our wellness centre. Book your slot through our online booking services to get professional treatment.


Cold Laser Therapy

We offer a safe and effective choice for affordable relief from acute, chronic pain.

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